Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Laptop Case

I've been working on redoing the laptop case. So far, so good. I like it better now. It will look a lot better too. The right and wrong sides are clearly defined this time, whereas last time it was hard to tell.

This is my first attempt at the Laptop case. It just didn't look or feel right to me.

The second attempt at this case feels like it is knitting up much faster and it looks tremendously better. I would never have thought there could be such a big difference, but there is.

I know, the pic came out a little blurry. You can still see the striping looks better though, and that is what I was wanting to show anyway. LOL!


Stacy said...

I can so see the difference! Wow! I am glad you are liking it better. That will be the encouragement you need to weave in all those ends! LOL

photogirl72 said...

It is the only reason I managed to get all the ends wove in. It really sucked. I've had to really play with it during the blocking process though. If I let it go wide, it is to short for Samira to fit in, but if I pull on it and make it tall enough, the top edge wants to flare out. It is driving me crazy.

I think it will work out fine though and once I am using it, I am sure I will like it more.