Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big news

I have big news. Katrina, Asahm's previous owner will be taking him back this Fall. I am taking the Brothers Poo to Joshua's mom. That means I'll only have my fish, Tyler, and my 2 cats, Bubba and Jasmin. Talk about downsizing my herd.

I am going to Stacy's house tomorrow to do some dyeing of yarn. She ordered sock blanks from One is for me, for my birthday. Yay! I am so excited. It will be really fun to see what we come up with. Thank you Stacy for opening your home to us, to do this. Just remember it was your idea to do this. ;)

I talked to Mr. D about his socks. He thought where I was at looked good. He also thinks they are going to fit. Later, I am going to make him try the sock on to make sure. the knitting forum I visit a lot, well, practically live on is doing Ravelympics. It is where you start a knitting project during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and then you have to finish the project by the end of the closing ceremonies. I am entered into 3 different events. I have the Hat Dash where I will be making the Jayne Cobb hat from Firefly; WIP Wrestling where I will be finishing my Hermione hat I started last year and never finished and the Caribbean Clapotis I started a month ago; finally I am in Pets pommel horse where I will be making some felted toys for Jasmin. It sounds like I have planned a lot, but the felted toys will take less than a day and if I knuckled down, the Hermione hat could be finished in a day. That leaves the Jayne hat and the Caribbean Clapotis to finish by the end. I'm not sure if I can do it, but I'll try.

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