Monday, July 14, 2008

I knit, therefore.....

I haven't been working on to much knitting this weekend. We've gutted our kitchen and we had tickets to Dancing with the Stars Shasta County style. My nephew was one of the professional dancers. He lost, but not by any fault of his own. The star he got though a fantastic writer, made herself not so well liked and lost her column for the paper over it. I personally loved her, but things happen.

Anyway, so today I picked up my needles and continued my work on Ande's pink laptop case. I've put two sets of stripes in it to try to break up some of the pink, but the pink yarn is killing me. Not only is the yarn a dreadful shade of hot pink, but the yarn itself is very rough. I'd hate to have someone make any kind of clothing out of this yarn. It sucks. So, I'm just a little past the halfway mark.

I'm now watching old episodes of West Wing from the first season. We have all the seasons on DVD, but I like the first two seasons best.

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