Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Knitting in Igo

Well, the smoke in Igo is bad, but I'm here house/dog sitting. I like sitting for these people because they are nice and I just love the dogs. So, what do I do while I am here? I knit.

Today I am working on a laptop case for my friend Ande. She really likes bright colors and pink. I couldn't find a lot of bright colored, feltable yarn, so I went with a solid pink. This way, I'll be able to add a pocket to the side of the case for her cables, etc. without having to try to match up stripes.

I am hoping to have it done in a couple days. That way I can give it to her and get back to working on my Caribbean Clapotis. I'd rather be working on it, but I need to get other things done first.

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