Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seascape and the dang case

So, this is the update. I've gotten a few more rows done. The kitten really keeps me from getting much knitting done. The stinker! Mentioning Jasmin, I hear her crying, she wants to be walked to this room. She is so afraid of Tyler, my boxer that she won't go from room to room by herself. It doesn't help that he likes to plant himself in the doorways so she would have to get really close to him to leave the room. Poor kitty.

I've been only doing a couple rows of this stole at a time and then going back to Ande's laptop case. I am so sick of her case, I don't want to work on it anymore, but she knows I'm making it and she needs it.


Stacy said...

That laptop case is truly an act of love! LOL

photogirl72 said...

I know... I'll eventually get it done. I really wanted it done today, but it just isn't going to happen.