Monday, July 28, 2008

Video games and knitting

So, mom and I went to see Hermin's Hermits last night. They were fantastic even if the audience wasn't.

I brought along my knitting. Mr.D's socks are growing slowly. I did get some done last night, but they dimmed the lights so low during the show that I couldn't see to knit much during performance time.

When I went to Hailey's dads house to sit her, we sat and talked until he left for work. Then Hailey and I played on the computer until 1:00 am. Man was she tired. LOL!

I'm home now and playing two games on myspace. (Myspace is the Devil) I have been playing Mobsters and Heroes like crazy. Even to the point of not getting much knitting done. Dang it!

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