Monday, September 8, 2008


My xbox 360 still isn't here!!!! I ordered it on the 22nd of August and it still isn't here! I ordered it from a seller on I only got standard shipping because I'm cheap, so they have until the 16th of September to get it here. I am so not happy. Amazon says that I have to wait 3 days after that to file my claim against the seller. Ugh! I have sent 10 emails to the seller now. He said he would send me a tracking number on the 26th, but he never did. I've been sending him emails, almost daily since then and not one single reply.

I want my xbox!

Our kitchen is progressing though. The countertops will be in on Wednesday and the appliances soon after. So exciting to have a kitchen again. We also bought a huge, huge, huge bbq. Granted, that thing has its own story to tell, but not today. Living through it yesterday was bad enough.

Friday night I went to scarletpurl's house and we played on her xbox 360 until 3:30 am. She was so tired by the time I left. Poor baby. We were playing Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise. Such a great game. I have my own xbox live user account too. It is Browncoat72. Someone already had the plain Browncoat. Yes, I tried.

On Satureday, we spent 3 hours at the skate park. My cousin's oldest son had a compitition. He did alright. He doesn't like the Redding park that well, so it is hard for him to adjust. He says he will do better at the Anderson park, so we shall see. LOL!

I've been slacking in the knitting department. I'm pretty tired of Ted's socks. Don't want to work on them any more at all. I really need to be working on them now really. I even took the them with me to scarletpurl's house. Did I work on them... nope.

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