Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To much to talk about

I just have to much to say today and to little time. My shift is almost over. Just an hour to go. Yay!!! I am really tired today. Didn't sleep well yesterday. Go figure! I finally checked my voicemail though. I had 12 freaking messages. Holy cell phone Batman!

These are the cameras that I am retiring. The lenses on the left actually fit the new camera so they show up again in the next pic.

And, this is the new camera. Yes, that is the lens from one of the older cameras on it. The lens on the right is the one that actually came with the camera. I have finally made it to the digital era. And, not just the point and shoot variety. Yay!!!!

I've already taken quite a few photos with it. Very happy! I haven't played around with the settings that much, but I'm getting there. I am going to practice with it this weekend while sitting the doggies. I'm hoping I can get Bart out of his shell and take some pix of him. He's a cute, but very scared chihuahua that will actually bite if he doesn't trust you. Apparently I lost his trust this last time, but he hadn't seen me in a while and I don't think he was expecting me to not let him have the run of the house. Poor little guy. Anyway, he's a cute dog, just needs a ton of love.

I also want to try to get some good pix of the doe and her twins this time. She will come up to me and let me pet her, but her twins are very skittish, which is a very good thing.

Ted called and said that he got his deer tag and his antelope tag filled. I don't know if he is back yet or not though. I'll have to call him tonight and see.

NaNoWriMo is kicking my butt hard. I now have to write 3500 words a day to stay on track. Sucks to be me. I'm hoping to change that this weekend while I am dog sitting. I think I can crank out 5k words a day while there, that will reduce my overall load.

Well, I need to get off the computer, I'll write more and share more tonight.

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