Thursday, January 8, 2009

It has been to long

So, where do I begin?

First, Tyler, our beloved boxer passed away this year. Actually, I should say last year. We said good-bye to Tyler two weeks before Christmas.

Oddly enough, I bought a new car the very next weekend. I wish he could have gone for at least one ride in it before leaving us, but clearly it was not meant to be.

Also, I have been knitting frantically, trying to finish some last minute gifts. Granted, what I am working on now is not a gift, but I plan to finish it soon, and go back to gifts. I have last years gifts to finish up and I want to start this years gifts before Summer.

This weekend I find myself photographing a 50th wedding anniversary party. I have never liked doing events even though I do tend to do well at them. I'm just not a social person and I have trouble selling myself as a photographer. I know at least one of my readers will start screaming at me for this because she has a wall full of my work that is beautiful. I don't know why I am so hard on myself.

To be totally honest, I prefer taking pictures of animals and mountains, not people. My people shots tend to look like candid photos not very portraity. They want me to take pictures of the couples as they enter the building. I am so afraid that they are going to look like DMV mug shots. I am going to go do some practice shots tomorrow and put bits of tape on the floor to mark where I want my tripod to stand when we come back the next day.

I haven't asked, but I plan to discuss having a very small table set up nearby with a digital frame with some of my work flashing away. I also want to have a small stack of my business cards there as well. I didn't list it on Stacy's blog, but one of my New Years life changes is to start selling myself as a photographer no matter how much I hate it. I have to get started. It is time to grow up and be the photographer I've always wanted to be.

So, instead of knitting like I'd planned while I am sitting here at work, I am busily setting up what photos I want to put in the frame. I also thought about bringing one of my portfolios, but that is mostly art photos and they aren't the kind of photos you bring to a 50th anniversary. My damn fetish for cemeteries just backfired on me. Damn it!!!

I do want to start building a better portfolio, one that regular people would be more interested in. So, another goal for this year.

Well, I need to get back to sorting my photos, lates.

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