Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photography vs. Knitting

Yes, that link up there means that I have started a deviant art account. I am going to try to start getting my name out there. My plan....

1. Take the day tomorrow to photograph things around town.
2. Every day that I do not work at the hotel, I will upload at least one new photo.
3. At least 3 times a week, I will go out and take photos.
4. I will not allow myself to knit unless I have completed above tasks first.
5. I will post to deviant art, before flickr, twitter, plurk, ravelry, or this blog.
6. I will post to deviant art before working on my "Wreck This Journal."

On the knitting note, I am on the rib cuff section of my socks. I am hoping that I can finish them tonight, but I don't know. If I don't finish them today, then I will tomorrow after I go out to take some pix. No, I haven't taken a new pic of the socks, but I will just as soon as I finish them.


Stacy said...

Damn girl! Dont forget to include your Associated Content to the list! I am proud of you, those are some good and healthy goals.
BTW, I know those socks are done so get your other work done so you can post a pic them up. You know I tend to be an enabler, but you have to post to deviant art first. I will be waiting patiently by the computer to see them.

BrownCoat said...

I did post to deviant art, but not to AC. I am hesitant to post to them, because I don't trust them. I still haven't gotten credit for you looking at them, so it makes me wonder if they are really worth my time.