Friday, February 6, 2009

Trying to be a photographer is hard business

I have two cites I should share with you all.
This one is kinda weird. They claim to advertise your work and you get paid for a certain amount of clicks/views of your work. So, if you could please pay me a visit over there and look at all the photos, I'd greatly appreciate it.
This one is my deviant art account. You can order prints of my work through this cite, but if you email me, I can give you a much better price. The cite gets a huge commission from the sales, so if you want something let me know instead.

On another note, I have been working on my second pair of socks. They are coming along a lot better than the first pair. Once I finish them, I am going to start Ted's new pair. Then once I get Cathy's tracing, I'll start her's. She'll really like the color I got for her.

I've posted a question on ravelry about a scarf called versatility. I'm hoping someone will answer soon. You see, in the pattern, it talks about the main scarf and then to enlarge the end product there is a "panel" that you knit, but the instructions do not tell you how to attach it.

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