Friday, February 13, 2009


Today, as I watched Stacy's son while she was getting a hair cut, I thought of a word that isn't used so often anymore. Whirligig. Now, why do you suppose we don't use that word anymore? I love the way it sounds. Maybe it is because things aren't made with gears and dials anymore. Steam isn't used to power things much either. Maybe too, this is why I am so fascinated with Steam Punk. Not to many people like Steam Punk around here though, so I don't get to see to much of it. Just online.

The new Interweave Press Knits magazine came in the mail today. There are a couple patterns that I'd like to try. We shall see.

I haven't gotten very far in my latest knitting projects. I worked on the socks at the knitting meeting yesterday, but I haven't been working on Versatility. I need to get it done before Stitches. I want to get buttons for it at Stitches. I know, that sounds crazy, but there is going to be a button dealer at Stitches and since I need 16 shank buttons for it, I want to be able to get them there. I am hoping to find something that looks steam punk, but not over the top. And.... there we are, back to whirligig.


Stacy said...

Never heard steam punk before. Funny word to describe what you thought about when watching "Juan Valdez". I tend to think of the Energizer Bunny...he just keeps going, and going and going and... (shwew!)

BrownCoat said...

Hahaha! Well, it really wasn't him that made me think whirligig. The little boy in the striped shirt that was there made me think that because he took a moment to stretch his little arms out and spin in a circle. Made me dizzy watching him. Then poor "Juan Valdez" tried it and since he's only 2 it made him super dizzy right away and he fell. He looked and me and thought about crying... hahaha. He did that a couple times, but I could see he wasn't hurt, just surprised.