Monday, March 2, 2009

A bad day

Today hasn't been a very good day for me. I am fluish and while at Petsmart, I saw a white boxer puppy. I've been crying off and on since.

I also went to Walgreens to pick up my prints of Jasmin. I had filled one of my memory cards to capacity, so I had them burn all the photos to cd for me. It is easier than burning them myself.

While at Walgreens, I found that the Easter stuff is already out. Found some Spiderman head eggs. Yes, I bought a package. The were only $1.99 and I wanted them. Did they make me feel better. For about 5 seconds.

When I got home, the mail had arrived and the Alice in Wonderland sock yarn came. Distracted me for a few minutes. Not long enough though. It sucks. I took some photos of it already, so I will upload them later. I also want to upload some of the Stitches photos too, so that will come later.

The thera flu is kicking in. Need to lay down.


brownII2 said...

I'm sorry you feel bad. I hope you feel better soon! Love you!

BrownCoat said...

Thanks Smatty. I am starting to feel better. I'm just having a feel sorry for myself miss my dog day. Hopefully it will pass soon.

I'm thinking that if I had the puppies now, maybe this wouldn't be happening, I'd be to focused on them to think about how much I miss the meat head.

The flu feels like it is passing a bit. I'm still feeling weak, but I do feel better.