Saturday, March 7, 2009

Didn't go as planned

So, I didn't get any more planting done. Don and I went and got gas for the mowers. So, when I finished using the riding mower in the areas that the rider could go, I ended up using this push mower thing kinda like the DR Trimmer, but smaller. Let me tell you, it beats the hell out of you. What it is, is a weed wacker on wheels. You have to push and pull it to cut weeds and grass that has grown to tall for lawn mowers etc. Suposedly you can even cut small sapling trees with it. I must say, the strings that you put on it to cut with looks like they could do just that, but I've also noticed that they wear out pretty fast.

So, after a few hours of that, I am beaten. I don't think I could dig a hole for trees even if it were life or death.

Before I could get into the shower, I stupidly mentioned to Don that the toilet in my bathroom was constantly running.... Well, we ended up at Lowe's. Not only did we get a new rubber valve, but a new seat. The old one had broken one of the little leg things that hold it up from the bowl. Anyway, so after we fixed the toilet, Don says, "Don't tell your mother, lets see if she notices it." I replied, "I really doubt she'll ever notice." He chuckled.

So, now it is nearly 9:00 pm and I'm watching a DVD. Its called The 10th Kingdom. I believe it was a tv mini series quite a long time ago. Anyway, so I'm watching it.

I've taken some Advil, I can tell already that I am going to be in a lot of pain by tomorrow. My allergies are going nuts from the grass/weed cutting. I wonder if Benedryl will mix okay with Advil?

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