Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home?

Well, my trip to Konocti Harbor worked out. I really was surprised to find I liked the roomy's grand daughter. She's a very inteligent young woman. I spent the last half of my second day there with her. She was really nice. I should have asked her where she got her necklace pendent sooner and maybe had her come with me. Dang it!

Mom and I spent Saturday morning recovering, but then we started working in the yard. We got 20 Cannas planted and a trench dug for some of the daylillies in the courtyard behind the stone patio. I realized then that we needed to buy mulch to amend our soil. Soil... Ha! We have rock and clay not soil. Anyway, so Sunday we ran to Lowe's to pick up mulch. Go figure, we came home with: 1 big bag of mulch; 1 Blood Orange Tree (I already have one, but it hasn't produced fruit in 4 years) 3 Azealias, 4 Tam Junipers, 1 Frasure Photinia, 1 Irish Heather with purple blossums and a flat of Irish Moss.

Our plan: The Blood Orange will be planted near my older one to the rear of our house; the 3 Azealias will be added to our courtyard and 3 Rose of Sharons moved out; the 4 Tam Junipers are going to be put on the hillside on the right of our driveway past the mailbox; the Photinia needs to be nursed back into life, so it doesn't have a place yet, but if it lives, we are planning on building a living fence along the side pasture; the Irish Heather is going to be planted on the hillside opisite the juniper near the steps that lead to the water meter. Which, is also below the cannas that were planted on Saturday. The flat of Irish Moss is going to be devided to fill in gaps around the stepping stones in our courtyard.

Now about my blood orange tree. The first year I had it, it had fruit, but has not bloomed or produced anything since. It is in a huge pot so that I could move it closer to the house if it got to cold. I don't think it likes being in the pot, so this weekend, I plan to plant it with the new one in hopes that next year it will produce fruit.

We are thinking about removing the fencing the seperates the side pasture from our front yard. This will incorporate it with the front yard and we will be able to smooth things out and make it all more unified. As it stands, the side pasture doesn't even look like it belongs to us. Granted, it is a very seperate half acre of land that at one time could have been sold seperate from the rest of our property. Our lovely and greedy neighbor tried to get the sellers to sell them the half acre when we went into escrow. Thank goodness we had escrow first, but then, we wouldn't have bought the place if they'd sold the half acre seperate, its the best part of the nearly 5 acres.

We have a small orchard on one side of the half acre, I want to put lawn in between the rows and have a mini golf course. I'm sure Don would like it too, but he doesn't want to deal with the work involved in making that happen. I'd like to see it happen though, so I guess it will be up to me.

So, if anyone sees Photinia go on sale at Lowe's or Home Depot, please, please let me know. We need about 50 plants in the 1 gallon size, so we don't want to pay more than $3.99 for them.

Well, my brain is fried, I'll write more tomorrow.

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