Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BMFA Loot!

Okay, here are my Blue Moon Fiber Arts: Socks That Rock purchases from Stitches West 2009. All the yarn is lightweight superwash merino.

This is Alley-oop. I really liked the way the yellow turns golden against the purples and blues of this yarn. This one was a second day purchase.

Bejewelled was also a second day purchase. I am so glad I got it. The first day it just didn't catch my eye because I was to annoyed that they didn't bring a bunch of colors that were on my shopping list. I got over that the second day.

Dragon Dance is a first day purchase. The reds and oranges really caught my eye. It was actually on my shopping list though. It is one of three that was on my list that they actually had there. Mind you, there were fifteen on the list that I wanted. No, I wasn't going to buy that many, but those were the ones that I wanted the most.

Jabberwocky could not be passed up on the second day. I've always liked the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. So, it made sense that I'd want this yarn even if I already did like the colors.

Jubilation is one that Joshua picked for his choices for socks. I like it so much that I'm either going to have to buy a second hank of it, or I'm going to ask him if he'd rather I ordered Rauen which was his first choice, but they did not have it.

Lenore's photos just did not turn out well. Lenore is part of the Raven Clan series. She is over-dyed with black, so you can still see color showing through. I just have a hard time with dark colors and my photography. It didn't help that the lighting is bad and it was at night. I think I'll try to get better photos of her once the rain stops and the sun comes out.

Love, Love was a new color that they introduced for the month of February. I'd been eyeing it online all month. So, clearly this was a first day purchase as well.

If I'd had more money, I'm sure I would have bought a lot more from them, but I just couldn't do it. And, now that I've actually seen and touched what their yarn is like, I can order online and feel much better about it. I do plan to order more, but not until I can really afford to be paying $20.00 a hank. Granted, that one hank equals hours and hours of intertainment for me as I knit it, and the end result is a pair of socks that I can give away as a gift, or keep for myself.

Most of these hanks are for me, but Joshua gets Jubilation and I'm thinking about Bejewelled for mom.

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