Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, to busy

Yes, I am to busy. I may not be getting hours at work, but I am still a busy beaver. I am leaving today for Konocti Harbor with mom. She has meetings she has to attend Friday all day, so we have to scoot down there today.

I guess mom had sent an email asking her roomy if it was okay if I came along. The roomy replied today stating that yeah it was okay and that she was bringing her Grand-daughter along. Excuse me.... mom had the courtesy to ask, this lady has now not asked twice in a row. Mom wants to tell her that it isn't okay with her, but since I am coming, she isn't going to say anything this time.

There probably won't be a next time since I snore pretty badly. They are going to be miserable. Oh well, that is the chance you take when you room with someone else and bring your teenage grand kid with you.


Anyway, the reason I am going is because the weather is going to be nice and I need to get some photography done. I need to do lots and lots of photography. I need to push my business a bit.

I spent hours and hours with Stacy and Kyle last night working on my website. I really hate to not have it up and running yet, but I finally have a background that I like, now I just need to build a banner that I will like. I know, that is a tall order isn't it.

I've stopped knitting on the Woodsman Ted socks. They are at a point where I need to measure them against Ted's feet. Yes, they are named after the person I am knitting them for. Anyway, so I started working on another pair for me. I am hoping to practice with patterns for the socks I will be knitting for Joshua.

The socks I am working on now are called Dragon Scales. I'll post a pic once I am further along with them.

Well, I better get back to packing. Lates.

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